Our Caregivers

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We love your pets as if they were our own.

Tails On Trails trains our walkers and sitters on how to properly do their job. All walkers are bonded and insured, and have passed our extensive hiring process, including an application, phone interview, in-person interview, reference and background check. We want only the best caregivers on our team! Our main priority is always to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe.




Mark is a college student with a love for all things musical and mechanical. Growing up in Jersey City, he shared his home with a variety of animals ranging from fish and birds to dogs and cats. He has always felt that animals are much more than just simple creatures. "They have emotions and intelligence." His experience with many animals makes him a knowledgeable and dedicated caregiver.

When not studying IT or burying his face in a book, Mark spends most of his free time with an instrument in his lap and a pair of headphones over his ears. He has played at various venues in the New Jersey area such as Newport Centre Mall and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

You can rest assured knowing that your pets will be loved and cared for as equals when they're with Mark.


Jesaida is a Jersey City born entertainer with a passion for caring after furry babies! Jesaida, at a very young age, knew the value of caring for another life, from dogs to fish to cats, even Ferrets! She always had a longing for the type of unconditional love animals can bring into your life.

Unfortunately Jesaida experienced the tough realities of life when her beloved childhood pet Muneca (Maltese/Poodle) passed on at age 15. She was loved and cherished and will be missed. Working for Tails On Trails has revived her spirit and connection to animals in a most healing way.

Jesaida works part-time as a Zumba Instructor in the JC/NY area and has an Associates in Liberal Arts-Theater Arts. Being connected to creative pursuits in general, Jesaida is most known for her professional B*girl(Breakdance)/All-styles dance career. She has won countless events representing NJ, America, and Women! She enjoys reading, Philosophy, and writing.


Anthony comes from a pet family, right here in New Jersey! It was odd for his family to not have a pet than to have one, while he was growing up.

He has taken care of everything from fins to paws! The longest he has ever gone without a pet is about 4 years. He's back on track with his love of animals, as he's adopted two cats! His youngest cat is a stray who was keen on living with his family and he loves being able to help rescue them off the streets of JC.

Anthony has always really loved cats and dogs because they're so friendly and caring. He says, "I love how expressive they can be. And how even the biggest, meanest looking dog can be a giant adorable baby when you get to know them."  Anthony is looking forward to meeting your furry babies and spend time with them. He know they'll be the best of friends!




Natasha has been around animals all her life, some way some how. Her parents didn't let her have a pet until she was older, although all her relatives have had pets. Her family is from the south and having from dogs to horses, in her life is normal. She loves that all animals have their own personalities and you can be in tune with them as soon as you meet them. She's cared for all kinds of dogs, cats, turtles, and if she hasn't yet taken care of a specific type of animal, she will research it until she knows all she can about the needs and wants of that animal.

Natasha's love of exercise, from peaceful walks or a nice run, make her an ideal dog walker. She thinks "dogs and puppies would love that too, along with belly rubs. Cats hold a special place in my heart because my first pet was a cat. My first baby is Pickles (I named her that because she ALWAYS got into trouble...still does). The second is Leo, I take care of him with my partner. I got him walking to a friend's house right after a snow storm. I saw him walking in the snow after some little kids, waved him over to me and he literally jumped into my coat. It'll be his second year with me and I'm still figuring out all his needs."

Natasha won't pick a favorite animal because they're all unique. They are part of her daily life and getting to know them is akin to getting to know a person. Natasha loves to develops a connection with your pets as for her, it's true when they say the "eyes are the window to the soul."


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Kristin is a recent transplant to Jersey City where she and her partner have a wonderful pair of pet siblings, Mookie the tuxedo cat, and Pearl the white Pit Bull mix. An animal lover since the very beginning, Kristin has had a menagerie of pets throughout her life, including lizards, rats, gerbils and fish. She's never been without at least one cat, though, and they hold a special place in her heart.

Kristin worked in cat rescue for many years and is especially good at working with the cats that need a little extra patience. While she hasn't had the opportunity to own a dog before Pearl, she's always made a point of spending time with friends dogs and volunteering take care of neighbors dogs when they were away.

In her spare time Kristin is also an artist. She has a BFA in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts and focuses mainly on illustration and comics. She would like to publish her own comics one day. She also loves to cook.

Click here to see Kristin's illustrations!



Sven is a biology major with an interest in all things living. Ever since he was born his family has always cared for multiple species of animals. From dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians, Sven has cared for them all! Currently he has two dogs, one cat, 7 leopard geckos, 4 birds, a community fish tank and a turtle.
When he’s not at school pursuing a career in Zoology/ Marine Biology or taking care of all his pets, Sven spends his time skating through the streets of Jersey City. On the weekends he spends his time at a salon as he is also a barber!

So if you’re looking for an experienced, nurturing, responsible care-taker for your pet, Sven is who you’re looking for!



Andy has grown up with dogs all his life all over the country. Born in Minnesota, he has also lived in Michigan twice, Arkansas, Georgia, New York and has recently moved to Jersey City. Small dogs have always been part of his family, but upon moving out on his own he and his wife decided to adopt a rescue lab-terrier mix named Ozzie. He understands the value of having a furry family member!

Andy is currently a college student studying Criminal Justice with the intent of joining the Police Academy. His primary goal is to make the world a safer place for people and pets alike. When he is not pursuing his career, Andy spends a lot of time with his dog and wife hunting down all the greatest camp and hiking sites to be found in the state he is living.

Andy also spends a lot of time physically and mentally training to be prepared for entering the Police Academy. When Andy has a little free time, his other favorite hobby is to find all the best restaurants in the area to get the best tastes of the city. Any romantic setting for he and his wife, or any outdoor eatery to bring the dog makes for a great experience! 



When Christie was about 7 or 8 years old, her father brought home the cutest Shih Tzu pup - she was a rescue and instantly fell in love with her. Christie has the best memories of her rescue pup finding safety in their home, running all over with excitement of having a new family. After she settled down, her parents asked her what she wanted to name her, and instantly replied “Girly!” That love would last a lifetime, even when her grandparents gave Girly away without her consent. That was a heartbreaking moment that would forever impact Christie.

She knows first-hand the incredible love and bond that happens with animals. Christie was lucky enough to have more dogs in her life as she got older, she moved in with her aunt who has two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Pit Bull! Christie is exploring her passions in life and work, but animals are definitely part of her world! She enjoys spending time with the Tails On Trails doggies and kitties, building a bond because that is so important for their happiness.

Christie currently resides in Jersey City, with 5 other individuals, now it may sound like a lot but Christie is the leader of that family, she's the "mom" of the group and it shows in her work too. She cares deeply care about the people who are in her life and with that she brought her passion and loyalty to our client's cats and dogs. As Christie says, "they deserve that and more!"



Joshua is an avid and compassionate animal lover with a passion for the science of medicine and physics. He recently moved here from Cliffside Park, NJ to Jersey City where he rescued a new friend named Sebastian and have been inseparable since.

When he isn’t out and about walking pups and taking care of kitties. Joshua is home with his cat, either devouring Sci-fi movies/video games, or he is reading the newest book from Michio Kaku or Neil deGrasse Tyson while usually listening away to The Smiths. On the weekends Josh also spends his time as a Server at Ahri’s Kitchen, science isn’t his only passion! He loves cooking for his friends, and as he is a vegetarian, he takes great pride in trying his best at cooking food based out of his meat free and tofu-based dishes.

Joshua is fairly new to the city and to the team, he dreams of one day becoming a paramedic, and is working hard to reaching that goal. But for now he takes great care and love in his time with the animals of Jersey City, and anticipates every coming day of making a new furry friend!

“I’ve always loved animals, and have had many furry, scaly, and shelled companions throughout my youth from a Golden Retriever, to a pit, to a hamster, to spiders, iguanas you name it, I even befriended a chicken that used to live on my grand-fathers farm in the Dominican Republic. Animals give off a certain energy that we all absorb and we become drawn to it because in this world we are alone in the reality we created for ourselves, animals don’t see this side of the world. They see a oneness that everything is connected. That innocence, is the joy that animals give me. I don’t mean to get all Carl Sagan-esque on the topic but that’s my take on why I love animals.” 



Joel is a highly active Jersey City resident who loves to spend his time spreading love! When he’s not skating through the streets of Jersey, he’s feeding the hearts and bellies of residents of Hoboken as a cook.

During his free time he loves to remain active and works out. Currently studying in order to achieve not only a personal training certification, but a degree which allows him to practice physical therapy.

He has experience dealing with a range of exotic animals, from leopard geckos to furry little ferrets. He’s unfortunately allergic to cats but will snuggle up next to a hypoallergenic cat in a heartbeat. His mom won’t let him have a dog so this is basically a dream come true, caring for the lovely Tails On Trails family!




Brandon is a college student pursuing media arts. He loves to draw, paint, create awesome melodies, and listen to lots of music. In his free time, he's studying music and playing the piano. 

Brandon has always had interest in animals! In 2016, Brandon made the decision to go vegan for ethical reasons.

He believes all animals are equal and do not deserve the cruelty they withstand in modern practices of animal agriculture. Because of his lifestyle, Brandon has a natural love for all animals. Brandon especially loves dogs and cats.

He owns a beautiful cat named Puffs. Puffs was rescued as a stray giving birth in his backyard during a storm. For two years, he has built a very strong bond with her. Brandon enjoys establishing bonds with animals, and looks forward to making them friends. "They are a limitless source of positivity".

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Nino is a painter and freelance graphic designer originally from Georgia. She came to United States with her personal show in 2007 and continued working here on her art since then. She moved to Jersey City almost a year ago and loves her neighborhood, as it reminds her of the place where she grew up. She always felt somewhat natural bond with animals, no matter the type and interacting with them brings her an incredible joy. She says: “if I did not go with fine art, I would definitely work with animals full time”. She grew up with the rescued cats and dogs, she would often pick them up as strays in the street and bring home where they were welcomed by the animal loving family.

Ever since then her house has never been empty, there were cats, rabbits, birds, fishes and even turtles. She has two cats George and Chelsea,  loved and spoiled, they even enjoy their daily walks on the leashes. She also takes care of the four stray cats, and squirrels who like to come to her backyard.  And finally she is thinking of adopting a dog, years after losing her very special boy of 12 years Vittorio (Rottweiler) to cancer, which she once got as a puppy as the best ever birthday gift.

She is very keen of a long walks and outdoor activities. And what can be better to have a company of a dog, or even a cat?

Besides her devotion to art and animals, she loves yoga, tango and airplanes.



Rose is currently holding multiple job titles including delivery driver and full time dog walker! She has been in the Jersey City area for about 3/4 years and know 98% of all places she's go to because delivery driving has helped her learn. If she's not out walking a dog, she's out delivering someone’s yogurt or dinner!

Rose came to this country when she was 6 years old way back in 1999, from El Salvador to now 24 years old and has always lived in New Jersey, growing up in Bergen county. Once Rose graduated high school, she attend college but the challenge of being in and out of foster care so was very difficult. One benefit to growing up in New Jersey, it has taught Rose about all it has to offer. Great coffee, bagels and pizza!

Rose believes "animals are love. A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you unconditionally and more than you can love yourself. They have unlimited affection to give and I’ve always believed they are mans best friend! I’ve owned 2 dogs, and about 6 cats! Cats are genuine and super easygoing pals who I wouldn’t trade for the world. I would consider myself an animal person because I don’t discriminate! Dogs, cats and everything between. Working for Tails On Trails has truly taught me that you can be happy working in a job and actually love your job. I’ve learned to love myself and the animals I take care of, feed off of that. I currently don’t own any pets myself but I live with a fellow dog walker who also happens to be my best friend of 8 years and we took in a stray cat and named him Sebastian. He is a really neat cat who’s very vocal and happy. I never thought I’d have a nephew cat but hey there have been crazier things!"


Ari is a New Jersey native who has always had a love for animals! She has grown up mostly around dogs, though she loves spending time with any species in any way she can. From visiting and volunteering at farm animal sanctuaries, assisting with dog rescues, or just playing with her own cat, Fred, she enjoys getting to know each animal’s individual personality. In fact, her love for animals has led her to go vegan back in 2014.

Ari currently lives in downtown Jersey City and in her spare time, she enjoys hiking, road trips and exploring the neighborhood. Previously, she was a high school Spanish teacher and most recently, she has attained a master’s degree in education and works in the higher education field in NYC. Ari understands how important our pets are for all of us, and applies her past experience and dedication to provide the best care for your pets!