Our Promise

Whether you're away for work or pleasure, you can entrust your pets to Tails On Trails. We truly believe in premium pet care, because nothing else will do. With our In-Home Pet Care Services your furry family members will receive love and individual attention to meet your pets emotional and physical needs. Tails On Trails will give you a peace of mind knowing your beloved pets are comfortable at home with the care they deserve!


Founder: Judy Nunez

A pet lover since birth, Judy has always had a special connection to animals. From dogs, to cats, to one of her first pets as a child in the Dominican Republic, her 2 chickens: Pito and Pita, she has always said, "There's something about their eyes, their soul rests there for me." 

While spending a decade in the corporate world, Judy always felt there was something missing. She longed for more meaning in her life by giving more of her self and helping others. She spent her spare time volunteering at a local Humane Society, where she cleaned crates, walked dogs, and gave lots of attention and love to the animals there. 

Eventually, she became the proud mom of three rescue-cats: Wilhemina, Bronte and Josephine. All of her cats came from very difficult situations; they were severely abused and abandoned. As a kitten, Bronte had months of medical care due to her injuries prior to her adoption. Wilhelmina was found locked in the truck of a car before she was rescued. And Josephine was found in a junkyard with a broken shoulder, before being found and adopted by Judy. Wilhelmina, Bronte and Josephine are the loves of her life. Judy has provided a safe, nurturing environment, with all of the love they missed out on. She's happy to report that they are all well adjusted and have been a loving family now for over 13 years. 

In 2008, Judy left the corporate world and started walking dogs for a local, well-known, dog-walking company in Hoboken. She has been an enthusiastic dog walker and pet sitter ever since. Judy has the privilege to know and spend, daily, quality time with dozens of pets and their families, over these last seven years. 

Another big step in the adventure of her life, Judy is thrilled to continue pursing her passion for animals. In July 2012, she followed her heart and opened her own pet sitting company, Tails On Trails LLC serving Jersey City. She continues to take excellent care of all of the pets entrusted to her and absolutely cares for each of them as if they were her own. 

In her spare time, Judy has been a stage manager for the local Jersey City arts community. He work includes: stage managing the Jersey City Slam Team for national competitions and stage managing countless plays with Art House Productions. 

Judy is also and avid baker and cook! Being a first-generation Dominican, Judy has been cooking since age 9 and has been a baker since the age of 14. She is the current, two-time "4th Street Festival Mac & Cheese Individual Champion" of Jersey City. Judy was also the baker for the longest running open-mic in Jersey City at Art House Productions, for 5 years.

Operations Manager:
Jocelyn Hawkes

A true animal lover, Jocelyn grew up with cats, dogs, birds, lizards, turtles, hamsters, tree frogs, and even a hedgehog named Wookie!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jocelyn moved to Hoboken and in 2009 adopted a Shiba Inu puppy named Loki. After a few horrible experiences with different dog walking companies, we found Judy Nunez through a local business. While home during some of the scheduled walks, Jocelyn and Judy realized they had a connection, not just their passion for animals, but their shared love of baking, cooking, and being a stage manager. A lifelong friendship was born! Judy continued to be the dedicated walker for Loki until 2012 when Jocelyn moved out of town.

Jocelyn previously worked as the Special Projects Editor for a national business magazine, where she did everything from manage 500+ person conferences, public relations and social media, and oversee daily office operations. Her attention to detail and passion for her work made it an easy transition to manage our operations desk as business expanded in 2015.

In her spare time, Jocelyn works on crafting new recipes, trains for powerlifting competitions, and enjoys life in New Jersey with her husband and dog!


Operations Manager:
Sarah Perez

Sarah is our long-term Operations Manager who also conducts dog walks and cat sitting visits!

She's always had a passion for animals her whole life and has owned plenty of dogs. Sarah has worked as a veterinary technician in Kenilworth and that has only driven her to pursue the future dream of running an animal rescue.

She was born and raised in New Jersey. She spends her free time traveling, listening to music, and spending plenty of time with her shepherd mix. 

She also worked for a non-profit arts organization specializing in various instruments, dance, and mixed media. Sarah studied psychology at Kean University and plans on continuing her education in animal behavior. She is extremely excited to continue be a part of the Tails On Trails LLC team and looks forward to caring for your pets!



Assistant Operations Manager: Rose Interiano

Rose is currently holding multiple job titles including delivery driver and full time office assistant! She has been in the Jersey City area for about 3/4 years and know 98% of all places she's go to because delivery driving has helped her learn. If she's not in the office or out walking a dog, she's out delivering someone’s yogurt or dinner!

Rose came to this country when she was 6 years old way back in 1999, from El Salvador to now 24 years old and has always lived in New Jersey, growing up in Bergen county. Once Rose graduated high school, she attend college but the challenge of being in and out of foster care so was very difficult. One benefit to growing up in New Jersey, it has taught Rose about all it has to offer. Great coffee, bagels and pizza!

Rose believes "animals are love. A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you unconditionally and more than you can love yourself. They have unlimited affection to give and I’ve always believed they are mans best friend! I’ve owned 2 dogs, and about 6 cats! Cats are genuine and super easygoing pals who I wouldn’t trade for the world. I would consider myself an animal person because I don’t discriminate! Dogs, cats and everything between. Working for Tails On Trails has truly taught me that you can be happy working in a job and actually love your job. I’ve learned to love myself and the animals I take care of, feed off of that. I currently don’t own any pets myself but I live with a fellow dog walker who also happens to be my best friend of 8 years and we took in a stray cat and named him Sebastian. He is a really neat cat who’s very vocal and happy. I never thought I’d have a nephew cat but hey there have been crazier things!"