Weather Policy


Inclement Weather Policy 

We are always considerate of how the weather will affect your pets, from rain to snow to extreme temperatures, your pet's safety is our priority.

  • If your dog requires any specific gear, such as raincoats, parkas, sweaters, booties, and harnesses, etc, please leave them out for the walker.

  • If you know there is a chance of rain or snow, please leave out a towel and any storage instructions, so we can make sure your dog is dry and comfortable before we finish the appointment.

We are always mindful of hazardous conditions when we walk, including ice and salt in the winter and hot pavement in the summer.

Our policy is to err on the side of caution when it comes to extreme weather and severe increases or drops in temperature.
If there is lightning in the area, our walkers are instructed to immediately take shelter/return to your residence.

Depending upon the severity of the weather, walks may be reduced to 10-20 minutes to avoid prolonged exposure. We will complete the remainder of your 30-minute visit inside your home by creating a fun playtime experience for your dog and also help ease any potential anxiety from the weather.